• Q: How does it work?

    A: Our Wiggins Marina Bull forklift is capable of lifting boats that weigh up to 18,000lbs and approximately 38 feet in length. Boats are stored on cradles inside the Drystack and not on trailers. This allows room for the forks of the Marina Bull to easily get under the boat. Your boat is carefully lifted up from its cradle and moved to our launching area. The forklift then slowly lowers the forks into the water. Once the boat is floating on its own it is secured to a dock inside the launch area.

  • Q: I just bought my boat and it is being shipped. Can it be unloaded from a trailer or flatbed?

    A: Yes! Our forklift is capable of unloading boats from regular trailers and flatbed trucks using a series of cradles and straps (size/weight restrictions and additional fees do apply).

  • Q: I have a catamaran. Can your forklift pick it up?

    A: Yes! You will need to have a custom cradle built but it can be done. Contact the office for further information on pricing.

  • Q: I have a sailboat. Do you store sailboats?

    A: Unfortunately, at this time we are not equipped to store sailboats.

  • Q: How long can I leave my boat in the water?

    A: Space permitting, tenants have the ability to leave their boat in the water overnight or for a weekend. We have limited dedicated dock space in the water for our Drystack tenants that can be reserved. We ask that you inform the office of your plans when requesting a launch.

  • Q: How much notice do you need to launch my boat?

    A: We require a minimum of two hours’ notice to launch your boat, however; more notice the better! There are a few really busy days during the year that our docks are full: Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July, America’s Cup race days, Labor Day Weekend and Fleet Week. Launch requests for these days must be made at least a week in advance to reserve dock space in the marina. Requests can be made by calling the office or emailing launch@msqdrystack.com.

  • Q: I like to go fishing early in the morning. How early can you launch my boat?

    A: Boats can be launched as early as 8 a.m. provided a request has been made no later than 4pm the day prior. If you need your boat before 8 a.m. notify the office by 2pm the day before and we will launch your boat at the end of the day so it is ready when you arrive first thing in the morning. Your electronic key provides 24 hour access to the docks, showers and restrooms on site.

  • Q: If I come back after hours, what do I do?

    A: Tie up anywhere there is space in the launching area. Remember, the end ties are private slips. Do not tie up here unless you have been instructed to do so by the office or yard staff. If you have borrowed the office’s set of keys simply drop them in the slot in the front door. We will haul your boat in the morning (unless provided with alternate instructions).

  • Q: Can I stay on my boat overnight?

    A: Yes. Occasional overnight stays are permitted. Please let the office know that you will be staying on your boat.

  • Q: Do you need a set of keys to my boat? Can I keep a set in my boat?

    A: A set of keys to your boat allows us to flush your engine(s) upon hauling out. It also makes moving your boat in the launching area easier when necessary. Please note that we are not responsible for keys that are left inside vessels.

  • Q: Where do I park my car?

    A: There is parking alongside the Drystack building and on Mariner Square Drive. As a courtesy to our neighbors at Cardinal Point and the Pasta Pelican we like to keep parking spaces in front of the marina available for their use.

  • Q: Is there power/water hookup on the docks?

    A: Yes. There are several locations in the launching area.

  • Q: Is there a pump out? Fuel?

    A: We have a pump out at our docks available for your use and a fuel dock is located directly across the estuary at Jack London Square.

  • Q: I have a trailer, can you store that too?

    A: Yes. We provide outdoor trailer storage. Rates vary depending on the number of axles.

  • Q: I’d like to have my boat cleaned, is this possible?

    A: In addition to flushing your engines with fresh water, our forklift operators will rinse and wash your boat from the rub rail down upon each and every haul out. If you would like the top side washed and wiped down, this a ‘full-wash’ and starts at $50 depending on the size of your boat.

  • Q: I’d like my boat detailed, can I send somebody to do the work at the Drystack?

    A: Yes! We have an area that we call ‘the pad’ where you and vendors are allowed to detail your boats. Moving your boat to the pad uses one of your monthly allotted launches. Boats can be out on the pad anytime between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (most days) but cannot remain out overnight. Vendors must be approved by the office and provide proof of insurance that names Mariner Square & Associates as additionally insured. For a list of local vendors please contact the office.

  • Q: Do you have a mechanic on site?

    A: Our forklift operators are not trained mechanics and the Mariner Square Marina & Drystack is not a boatyard. Alameda Marine Services (AMS) is a tenant of Mariner Square Drystack and works with several of our tenants. . Vendors must be approved by the office and provide proof of insurance that names Mariner Square & Associates as additionally insured. For a list of local vendors please contact the office.